About Zenith Billboards

Zenith Billboards is a partnership that started off as as a dream. One day while driving down a street in Stockton, California the thought “who owns these billboards?” entered our minds. From that day forward, countless research and phone calls went into finally signing the contract to owning our very first billboard on MLK Blvd. We spent time and money into painting and refacing a billboard we felt had so much potential. This Billboard was our opportunity to highlight amazing businesses and events throughout our city. This feeling brought so much excitement we decided to keep it going.

The next step was finding our name. We wanted it to be a symbol of a dream; something so powerful. We would go on long drives around town and try to bounce ideas off of each other. One day, while driving and listening to music we heard a verse that said “we done took a dream and turned it to a zenith.” (N.H.) We had heard this so many times and had no idea the meaning of zenith, so we looked it up; and it felt perfect.

The definition of zenith:

1. The time at which something is most powerful or successful

2. The point in the sky directly above an observer

After reading the definition out loud, we looked at each other and immediately knew we were Zenith Billboards


Andy Rodriguez


Kailani DeCoito